Ectp – Ceu, le prossime scadenze

Si riporta la comunicazione sulle iniziative e le prossime scadenze dell’European Council of Spatial Planners:

a) The program of this edition of the ECTP-CEU Young Planners Workshop 2018:  “Airports, Cities and urban development”. Free registration and grants for traveling. Final papers will be presented in Paris on 18th May 2018, at the event grouping our General Assembly and the 2018 European Awards. The deadline scheduled for sending abstracts is next 7th  February. Info on our website:

b) The 12th European Urban And Regional Planning Awards 2017-2018:  “Airports, Cities And Urban Development”. All entries must be received by 31st March 2018. The ECTP-CEU will distribute a prize of 5.000 € to the best projects presented. Info on our website:

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