Rhegion UN 2020 - 2030


Il 26 maggio 2020 l'evento Rhegion UN 2020 - 2030, in modalità online. L'INU patrocina. Di seguito il programma. Link per seguire i lavori

Plenaria (EN)

Rhegion (EN)

Tavola Rotonda e Messaggio del Sottosegretario

10.00 - 10.30am  Academic authorities’ messages and keynote Introduction New Metropolitan Perspectives

12,00 - 1,00 pm Starting Rhegion UN 2020 - 2030

Francesco Carlo Morabito, Vice Rector Delegate for Internationalization and International Relations

Stefano Aragona, Scientific Responsible for Rhegion UN 2020 - 2030


Keynote panel: The great challenge of sustainability in a context that has become even more complex

Achieving SDGs in Cities with particular focus on SDGs 7 and 11

Vincent Kitio, Arch, PhD. | Chief, Urban Energy Unit |Urban Basic Services Branch | United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-Habitat , Nairobi, Kenya

COVID-19 and the Implosion of Regional Economies

Mark Patridge , Ph.D., Chief of the Regional Science Association International - RSAI, Swank Chair in Rural-Urban Policy/Prof., AED Economics, The Ohio State University, Adjunct

Professor, School of Economics, Jinan Univ. Guangzhou, China, Social Sciences Dept., Gran Sasso Science Institute, L’Aquila, Italy, Coordinating Editor Springer Briefs in Regional Science


2,00 - 2,30 pm   Lunch - break (virtual)

2,30 - 4,00 pm   Testimonials

Chair: Federico M. Butera, prof. Emeritus, Polytechnic of Milan

Costa Rica's Sustainable Development Model and the National Decarbonization Plan

Giovanna Valverde Stark, Minister General Consul, Costa Rican Embassy

How Chinese cities are improving urban ecology

Wang Xin - Doctor, Vice Dean, Associate Professor - TONGJI Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development, (IESD), MOE Joint Lab for International 

Cooperation on Eco-Urban Design, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, Shanghai

Territorial development and circular economy: the preservation of local resources

André Torre, professor at UMR SAD-APT Agro Paristech, President of the European Regional Science Association - ERSA



4,00 - 4,30 pm   Celebration of the entry of the Mediterranean into the Italian University Network for Sustainable Development - RUS

Introduction, Stefano Aragona, Delegate of the Mediterranean University for RUS

Santo Marcello Zimbone, Rector of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria

Patrizia Lombardi, Prorector of the Polytechnic of Turin, Coordinator of the Italia University Network for Sustainable Development
Sandra Savaglio, Councilor for Education, University, Scientific Research and Innovation of the Calabria Region                


4.30 - 4,45 pm   Coffee-break (virtual)


4,45 - 7,30 pm   Round table

Ronald Flores Vega, Ambassador of Costa Rica

Mariangela Cama, Alderman for Urbanism, Private Building, Maritime Property and Urban Planning, Reggio Calabria


Territories and cities - territorialism and sustainability

Marco Bussone, Chief of the National Union of Municipalities, Communities, and Mountain Bodies - UNCEM

Alberto Ziparo, Society of Territorialists - SdT

Maurizio Tira, Chief of the Italian Society of Town planners - SIU, Rector of the University of Brescia


Redevelopment and reuse of the existing on territorial and urban scale

Andrea Arcidiacono, Vice Chief of the National Institute of Townplanning - INU 

Alessandro Marata, delegate Energy - Environment of the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers, Conservationists - CNAPPC

Armando Zambrano, Chief of the National Council of Engineers - CNI

Concetta Fallanca, prof. of Townplanning, Department Patrimonio Architettura, Urbanistica - PAU

Territory and best practices

Samuele Furfaro, Macingo s.r.l., Azienda ass. Confindustria Reggio Calabria

Carmelo Basile, Coop. Fattoria della Piana Società Agricola, Azienda ass. Confindustria Reggio Calabria

Arianna Liconti, Marine Ecologist, Project Manager of Worldrise Onlus

Gianni Bottalico, Delegate for relations with the Regions and local authorities of The Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development – AsviS

Public space and spatial and social sustainability

Riccardo Petrachi, Chief of Public Space Biennal

Andrea Poggio, National Secretariat of Legambiente

Emanuela Bambara, delegate of the Director of the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria

Francesca Fatta, Coordinator of the International PhD in Architecture

Mariavaleria Mininni, delegate of Rector of the University of Basilicata


Closing Notes  MP Roberto Morassut, State Secretary of the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea - MATTM